Enterprise web programming

Units ENTWA (Level 6) and APSW (Level 7)

Coursework peer review

Tuesday 24th March 2014

Peer review groups

Group 1
  • Adekunle Adebayo
  • Joe Attard-Owen
  • Jamie Bassett
  • Tristan Davey
Group 2
  • Will Albone
  • Ali Smith
  • Kyi Su Thwe
Group 3
  • Chris Kelly
  • Alex Reynolds
  • Mark Venn
  1. The members of each group should individually assess the work of the other members of the group. Rotate until each member of the group has been assessed by each other member.
  2. Then each group should assess the members of the next group (1 do 2, 2 do 3, 3 do 1).
  3. If time remains, each group should assess the members of the remaining group (1 do 3, 2 do 1, 3 do 2).

Last updated by Prof Jim Briggs of the School of Computing at the University of Portsmouth

The enterprise web programming units include some material that was formerly part of the WEB1P and WEB2P units.