Enterprise web programming

Units ENTWA (Level 6) and APSW (Level 7)

ENTWA coursework 2017-2018


The coursework consists of a software development exercise. You are given a problem to solve that requires the development of a dynamic web application using Java EE technologies.

Students are expected to draw on material taught (and material otherwise learned) during all the units on their course in tackling this problem. This assessment thus integrates many of the elements covered during the course.


Design and implement a web interface to one of the following problems:

Project ideas

The School of Computing's MSc project ideas database is currently implemented in a non-MVC style. It also has limited searching functionality. It does not permit people who submit ideas to be able to edit them or withdraw them.

Thr requirement is to implement better searching and user editing of ideas. Only the owner of an idea (the person who created it) or a designated administrator can edit or withdraw an idea.

Rules change suggestions

IFAF is the world governing body for American football. Each year, proposals for rule changes are invited. A new system is required to support the proposal making and voting process.

Requirements specification

Online diary

The ability for a community of users to share an online diary and contacts database is a useful one.

Requirements specification

FAQ common to all problems.

In each case, your aim is to design and implement a Java web application that is superior to any existing systems. That superiority may be in terms of one or more of the following:

Deliverables and deadlines

The coursework has 3 intermediate deliverables and 2 final deliverables (on the formal deadline date).

Deadline Date Deliverable(s) Submission arrangements Marks
Week 4 practical Thursday 1st February
  • First draft of requirements specification (see example of format)
  • Bring printed copy to practical session
Week 6 practical Thursday 15th February
  • First draft of user interaction design (organisation structure diagrams and/or storyboards and/or architecture maps) - no particular format specified
  • Bring printed copy to practical session
Week 9 practical Thursday 8th March
  • Alpha version of the web application (demonstrating some subset of the functionality)
  • Demonstrate it at practical session
  • Ensure your web application is in the specified format
Week 12


Monday 26th March
  • Demonstrable web application
  • Completed documentation
  • Source code listings and Javadocs
  • Report on coursework
  • Submission will be made electronically through Moodle.
Week 12 Thursday 29th March Peer review
  • Students will assess each other's work
Students who do not fully participate in the peer review have their coursework mark halved

Reasonable special arrangements will be made for students with valid extenuating circumstances for parts of the coursework. Contact the unit co-ordinator if you think you will not meet a deadline for valid reasons.

Notes on deliverables


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The enterprise web programming units include some material that was formerly part of the WEB1P and WEB2P units.