Web programming

Units WEB1P and WEB2P

WEB1P 2009-2010 Semester 1 Supervised Work Session


Friday 8th January 2010. Meet in Lion Gate 0.7a at 0930 prompt for briefing. The specification will be available here from approximately 0900 onwards.

At 1630, each group must submit their group's work. Hand-in for this will be direct to the SWS tutor (Dr Briggs), not to the Admin Office.

Due to the bad weather, the Supervised Work Session has been substituted by an individual coursework.

See below for details of Task B - the programming work you need to do.

Submit your individual work for Task B to me by email by 3.30pm on Friday 5th February 2010.

Individual workYour report (the deliverable from Task C) must be submitted on paper to the CAM Admin Office also by Friday 5th February 2010. Normal coursework hand-in regulations and procedures apply.


The SWScoursework will consist of a groupan individual development exercise involving Java servlets and JSPs. Familiarity with developing these with NetBeans will be assumed. Some initial development work (Task A) needs to be undertaken to prepare for the SWScoursework. This can be done either individually or as a group.

  1. Pre-SWS task
  2. Programming task
  3. Report task

SWS group submission cover sheet (.DOC)

Marking scheme


Each student is required to demonstrate their coursework to the unit lecturer.

Bring with you either:

I will ask you to demonstrate the functionality of the software and I will give you some feedback on it. Please make sure your program will run in the format you've chosen - if it takes time to set up, that will detract from the time available for demonstration and feedback.

The demonstrations will take place in my office (Buckingham 1.07). The schedule for these is below:

  Time Student
Friday 5th February 2010 1030 Benneth Ugwu
1100 Patrick
1130 Put Satajutha
Lunch break
1300 Ademola Adekolurejo
1330 Ben McGiveron updated
1400 Willyam Anton

Andy Roberts updated

Any problems, email me.


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The web programming units include some material that was formerly part of the WPRMP, WECPP, WPSSM and WEMAM units.