Web programming

Units WEB1P and WEB2P

Coursework for WEB2P (referral)


All students must do a web application development project during WEB2P.

Students are expected to draw on material taught (and material otherwise learned) during all the units on their course in tackling this problem. This assessment thus integrates many of the elements covered during the course.


Design and implement a web interface to one of the following problems:

The UK Telemedicine and E-health Information Service (TEIS)

Two web interfaces to the TEIS data already exist. The first one (no longer available) was launched in 2000 and was implemented in PL/SQL (Oracle's database programming language). The second one was launched in 2004 and provides a different look and feel. This second one is implemented in JSP.

Database access instructions.

FAQ about the problem.

Project ideas

The School of Computing's MSc project ideas database is currently implemented in a non-MVC style. It also has limited searching functionality. It does not permit people who submit ideas to be able to edit them or withdraw them.

Database access instructions

FAQ about the problem.


The Faculty of Technology has collected a lot of data on student feedback (login: default; password: viewpoint), but it does not have very sophisticated reporting facilities. The aim of this project is to provide an interface that allows staff to generate reports that indicate the good and bad aspects of an individual unit, and units that are atypically good or bad in comparison with other units, or over time.

Database access instructions

FAQ about the problem.

FAQ common to all problems.

In each case, your aim is to design and implement a Java web application that is superior to the existing systems. That superiority may be in terms of one or more of the following:


Deliverable(s) Submission arrangements Marks
  • Demonstrable web application
  • Completed documentation
    • Requirements specification
    • User interaction design specification
  • Source code listings and Javadocs

Submit to dropbox in the specified format

  • Report on coursework

Submit to dropbox


Notes on deliverables


Students are encouraged to use whatever resources and facilities are available to them. All material (including programming code) that is copied from elsewhere must be identified and its source cited. The member of staff who set this assessment may be consulted for guidance on your approach, and to a limited extent with technical problems that arise.


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The web programming units include some material that was formerly part of the WPRMP, WECPP, WPSSM and WEMAM units.