Web programming

Units WEB1P and WEB2P

Resit coursework for WEB2P


If you are required to do a resit (either referral or deferral) for the most recent run of WEB2P, this page sets out what you have to do.

As before, students are expected to draw on material taught (and material otherwise learned) during all the units on their course in tackling this problem. This assessment thus integrates many of the elements covered during the course.


The problem is the same problem as set out in the original coursework specification.


In each case I have set the deadline to be a Monday to give you the advantage of a weekend to complete the work.

Deadline Date (tbc - all provisional at the moment) Deliverable(s) Submission arrangements Marks
Referral/deferral coursework deadline, as set by the Computing and Maths Admin Office date to be confirmed
  • Demonstrable web application
  • Completed documentation
    • Requirements specification
    • User interaction design specification
  • Source code listings and Javadocs

Submit to dropbox in the specified format

  • Report on coursework

Submit to dropbox


Notes on deliverables


Students are encouraged to use whatever resources and facilities are available to them. All material (including programming code) that is copied from elsewhere must be identified and its source cited. The member of staff who set this assessment may be consulted for guidance on your approach, and to a limited extent with technical problems that arise.


Last updated by Prof Jim Briggs of the School of Computing at the University of Portsmouth

The web programming units include some material that was formerly part of the WPRMP, WECPP, WPSSM and WEMAM units.