Enterprise web programming

Units ENTWA (Level 6) and APSW (Level 7)

FAQ about the problems in general

Question Answer
What does the current system lack in terms of functionality? That's for you to decide!
In your opinion, how could the current interface be improved? More powerful searching capabilities could be provided.

How is the backend database structured and how are the various pieces of information related?

The database access details provide enough details to get you started. Use a Java or Oracle database access tool (e.g. NetBeans's database tool - Runtime | Databases) to find column names, etc.
On the example specification, there is a section Key Personnel. For this project, who is the responsible owner and design authority? The responsible owner is Jim Briggs, but the design authority is you the student.

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The enterprise web programming units include some material that was formerly part of the WEB1P and WEB2P units.