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FAQ about the TEIS problem

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The current TEIS interface provides a large number of “Quick Searches” (18 in total). Are all these searches necessary / useful? Probably not. Certainly it should be possible to combine some of them, and exclude from the final implementation those that don't show any additional web application features.
What would the majority of visitors to the TEIS site be searching for? Projects, companies or products by name. Also some users are browsing for information that has been updated recently.
Which elements of the current system frustrate you? (e.g. speed of information retrieval) None (from the user perspective), but then I'm not a typical user!
Are the headings used for the various types of information appropriate? Some appear to be slightly ambiguous (e.g. “infrastructure”). It was not intended as part of the assessment for you to worry about aspects such as that, though I agree some may be ambiguous.
What additional functionality would you like provided that is not already in either of the two previous implementations of the TEIS website? See answers to questions above.
Is there any technical documentation that might help me to understand how the project was implemented in the past, and how I might improve upon previous implementations?

The database structure is documented here.

To add update functionality to the application I would need to add additional columns/tables to the database. Is this allowed? Yes, provided you make your own local copy of the database (e.g. in Java DB or MySQL), and add the additional items to that.

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The enterprise web programming units include some material that was formerly part of the WEB1P and WEB2P units.