Enterprise web programming

Units ENTWA (Level 6) and APSW (Level 7)

Web applications - submission via GitHub

Preliminary - set up GitHub project

If you don't already have a GitHub account then you will need to create one. Please register using your myport.ac.uk email address.

For your own work, please create your own project. Please name it in the following format:

Group work Individual work
UOP_<academic year>_<unitname>_<group> UOP_<academic year>_<unitname>_<surname and initials>
For example: UOP_2016-2017_APSW_groupz For example: UOP_2016-2017_ENTWA_smithj

If the project is for a coursework or project, you must add Jimbriggs as a member of your project (with write access, so he can help fix your bugs, as well as mark your work).


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The enterprise web programming units include some material that was formerly part of the WEB1P and WEB2P units.