Webserver use, configuration and management

Unit WUCM1

WUCM1 unit handbook 2007-2008 semester 2

Note: Information in italics is particularly subject to change.

Unit co-ordinator

Dr Jim Briggs

email: jim.briggs@port.ac.uk; phone: 023 9284 6438; office: Buckingham Building, BK1.07

Staff involved in delivering the unit

Jim Briggs

Dr Roger Beresford; email Roger.Beresford@port.ac.uk; phone 023 9284 6416; office: Buckingham Building, BK1.41

Unit specification


Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students should be able, at threshold level, to:

1. Specify website requirements and outline webserver structures.
2. Set up and configure a typical webserver to meet defined website requirements.
3. Design a suitable security policy for a website environment and implement the technical components to support it.
4. Evaluate and test a given website and webserver.

Teaching consists of 12 x 1-hour lecture sessions plus a 1-hour practical for each group of students.


Session Start time Duration Usual venue
Lecture Thursday 1300 1 hour Anglesea 1.11
Practical (Group 1) Monday 1000 1 hour Lion Gate 0.14b
Practical (Group 2) Friday 1000 1 hour Lion Gate 0.14b
Practical (Group 3) Friday 1100 1 hour Lion Gate 0.14b

Students must attend the lectures and the practical they are designated to - practical group swapping is not allowed due to the constraints of the timetable.

Schedule of lectures and practicals with links to notes and slides

Learning activities

Students are expected to attend ALL lectures and ALL practicals for their group.

A reading list is available.

Assessments and their weighting

Exam (100%)

At end of semester. Official examination timetable available from the Admin Office.

2 hours duration. Open book, but only 1 page (2 sides) of material can be brought into the exam. The exam is in two sections, one (A) of compulsory short answer questions based on a given scenario; the other (B) where students answer two of the four longer questions.

Pass mark 40%.

Submission dates Not applicable.
Feedback arrangements (staff to students) No formal arrangements. Students can discuss issues that arise at any time with the staff responsible for delivering the unit.
Feedback arrangements (students to staff)

Students will be invited to complete a course evaluation questionnaire at the end of the course.

Marking scheme

Exam: Standard exam scheme.


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