Webserver use, configuration and management

Unit WUCM1

Introductory exercise


  1. Form up into pairs (with at most one group of 3 if there is an odd number)
  2. Decide 2-3 key points that answer the question (or questions that you would need to ask in order to be able to answer it). Note your answers on paper.
  3. After 15 minutes, combine 2 pairs into groups of 4-5 people.
  4. Review the key points from each pair: discuss and refine your answers on paper.
  5. One person in each group sends an email to jim.briggs@port.ac.uk containing:
    1. the names of the people in their group
    2. their group answers to the questions


  1. What are your goals for this unit? (what do you most want to learn? what skills and knowledge do you most want to pick up?)
  2. Why is the web so important?
  3. What do you think is the future of the web? (new uses and/or new technologies)

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