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Jim Briggs Chair
Mo Adda SOC academic rep
Stuart Graves IS Service Delivery Manager
Les Black Faculty of Technology support team
Alison White Educational Technologist

Chair: Jim Briggs

Deputy Chair: Mo Adda

Minutes secretary: Jim Briggs

Sub-committees and working groups

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CAM staff requirements for the staff portal

School of Computing response to the Board of Governor's request for feedback on ISO, November 2005 (.DOC)

Terms of reference

Approved by the Heads of SOC and CT 8th December 2005 - NEEDS UPDATING

CAM Computing Strategy

Draft revised strategy May 2005

Strategy document approved 11th November 2003

Relevant strategies, policies, etc.

Agenda/Notes of meetings

Index of meetings

If you would like to be informed when new notes are added to this list, email the Chair of the CAM Computing Committee (Dr Jim Briggs) .

Wednesday 5 20th April 2005 (PPT)

Information and procedures

What's where?

IS facilities

Academic staff leads

Regulations for use of the CAM labs

Specialist software 2007-2008 (2006-2007) (2005-2006)

Web browsers and plug-ins policy

General principles

Statistics of use

Number of logins per week (Excel spreadsheet on L: drive)

Requests for equipment/software

Procedure for making major requests (deadline 16th April 2007)

2005-2006 Bids received
2004-2005 Bids received / Bids approved
2003-2004 Bids received / Bids approved

Bids received / Bids approved

Procedure for making minor requests No deadlines

Historic list of priorities

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