What makes a masters degree different from a bachelors degree?

Responses from 2003-2004 full-time students

1.      Way of working; BSc = chalk & talk; MSc = investigate

2.      More independent; more in control of destiny

3.      More practical

4.      More reflecting

5.      More dedication and self-motivation

6.      More difficult

7.      More specialised knowledge

8.      More prestige

9.      More responsibility on the student

10.  More specific to a particular field of study

11.  More scientific

12.  More cohesive

13.  Better presentation

14.  Better justification of work (backed up with evidence)

15.  More depth or breadth

16.  More efficient problem-solving skills

17.  Better communication skills

18.  Better leadership and management skills

19.  Better ability to apply theoretical knowledge

20.  Better ability to work in teams

21.  Be more critical