Security, Confidentiality and Legal Issues (SCLIM)

Essay marking criteria


Work of exceptional and outstanding quality, displaying insights that might make the marker re-consider their own views.  Closely comparable to published work in the field, and therefore suitable for consideration for publication.

70 - 79

Excellent work that is well argued, structured and intelligent and showing evidence of thorough research, analysis, organization and expression. Shows some originality or creativity of approach and a clear well articulated understanding of the subject matter. Few, or no, errors in grammar, spelling or punctuation. Accurate citation and use of references.

60 - 69

Very good work which is clearly written, well argued and covers the subject matter in a thorough, thoughtful and competent manner. Few errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation and use of references.

50 - 59

A solid piece of work covering much of the subject matter but lacking in two or more aspects such as: content, expression, analysis, structure, argument. A tendency to be descriptive at the expense of analysis, or weak prose style is often a feature in this range.  The majority of students would normally be expected to fall within this range.

40 - 49

Adequate work, but which is unsatisfactory or barely satisfactory in most of the following: content, analysis, expression, structure.  Work in this range tends to exhibit deficiencies in prose style, grammar and citation and use of references, but contains evidence of enough work and thought to avoid failure.

30 - 39


Anything which is inadequate in most or all of the following: length, content, structure, analysis, expression, argument and relevance. Work in this range attempts to address the question/problem but is substantially incomplete and deficient.  Serious problems with a number of aspects of language use are often found in work in this range.

0 - 29


No serious attempt to address the question or problem, and/or manifests a serious misunderstanding of the requirements of the assignment.  Acutely deficient in all aspects.

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