Security, Confidentiality and Legal Issues (SCLIM)



All students must attend all the presentations, except where explicitly excused in advance by the Unit Co-ordinator.

Order of presentation

The order of presentation will be determined randomly at the start of the session.

An exception will be made for students with exam conflicts who may need to have their presentations postponed until later in the day. They are excused attendance until 1 hour after the end of their exam.


A laptop computer and video projector are provided.

An overhead projector will be available.

Students may therefore choose to use PowerPoint, but to be on the safe side are advised to bring a copy of their presentation on acetates.

Peer assessment

Each student will assess the presentation given by each other student. Collectively these marks form 50% of the presentation mark.

Assessment criteria

  1. Was the content accurate and correct?
  2. Did you learn something (a lot, a little, nothing)?
  3. Was the content relevant to the course, and to the title of the presentation?
  4. Was the content pitched at the appropriate technical level for the audience (not too high, not too low)?
  5. Was the audience interested in the material being presented?
  6. Was the presentation clear (audible, coherent)?
  7. Did the presentation hold your attention?
  8. Were AV facilities used appropriately (clear, readable, concise, not too jazzy)?
  9. Was the duration of the presentation according to schedule?
  10. How well did the speaker respond to questions?

Give a mark out of 5 for content and out of 5 for presentation.

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