WI.SOENG Mock Exam

Jim Briggs, 8 December 1998

The real exam will be:

Sample questions

These questions serve to illustrate the style used on the real paper.

  1. This question is about requirements analysis.
    1. [6 marks] What can be identified as the starting and finishing points of the requirements phase of the software life cycle?
    2. [6 marks] Why is it important that the product of the requirements phase be readable by the customer? What are the trade-offs involved in improving readability?
    3. [8 marks] With reference to Davis's five hypotheses, or otherwise, support the assertion that requirements are important.
  2. This question is about requirements specification.
    1. [10 marks] Explain what is meant when a software requirements document is said to be:
      1. complete;
      2. verifiable;
      3. modifiable;
      4. annotated;
      5. traceable.
    2. [4 marks] Why is it not appropriate to include project management and product assurance plans in a software requirements document?
    3. [6 marks] Explain how a software requirements document can be used as the control of the evolution of a system.
  3. This question is about the software life cycle.
    1. [8 marks] What are the five major stages of the basic waterfall model of the software life-cycle and what does each involve?
    2. [6 marks] Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of the waterfall model compared with the exploratory programming model. For what types of application is each model most appropriate?
    3. [6 marks] It has been said (by Davis) that there is a symmetry between the earlier and later stages of the development life-cycle. Explain what is meant by this, and show the symmetry that can exist.

Exam coverage

The real exam will have questions that cover the following aspects of the course:

Points of emphasis