School of Computing
Research and Innovation Committee

MINUTES of the meeting on 30th May 2012

1500 in BK0.15


Jim Briggs


Carl Adams, Mo Adda, Jane Chandler, Mohamed Gaber, Annette Wilson


Alex Gegov, Ivan Jordanov, Jie Tong




Welcome and apologies

JSB welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the SoC Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee.

It was a unanimous view that a research committee spanning all the "computer science and informatics" departments in the University is needed. When it comes to discussing our strategic goals, our staff development needs, our external facing attributes (websites, etc.) and other similar matters, we need to be singing from a single "University of Portsmouth" hymn sheet rather than four separate departmental ones and two separate faculty ones. No single school is strong enough to do these things on its own - we need to pool our collective experience, build up critical mass and not waste anything on local, potentially duplicated and potentially contradictory steps.

JSB to talk to JT

Scope and terms of reference

JSB noted the Terms of Reference of the University and Faculty R&KT Committees. It seemed appropriate to draw up something similar to the Faculty one. After discussion, JSB agreed to circulate a draft for comment. JSB to circulate draft

Reports on recent activity

It was agreed that in future reports would be tabled and only reported verbally in exceptional circumstances.  


JSB tabled the latest report on funding bids applied for and awarded. He noted that the "expected value" of these had declined over the past year or so. This was due to us only winning relatively "small" awards, and being unsuccessful with all relatively "large" awards.  


JSB tabled the latest list of SoC publications on Parade. It was noted that we did not know how many additional publications were in the pipeline to be approved by the Library.  

Research students

JSB tabled the latest list of PhD students and applications. The number of applications coming in was judged to be healthy, but converting these into actual students was more problematic.

JSB reported that a full-time PhD studentship had now been advertised, but this had been delayed by problems at Faculty and in Marketing. The deadline had been put back from 1st June to 29th June.


Report from Faculty R&KT Committee

JSB tabled the minutes of the most recent Faculty R&KT Committee meeting.

MG agreed to liaise with IJ to ensure a good response by SoC PhD students to the Faculty Research Day.

Strategy and goals

It was agreed to leave the discussion on strategy and goals to a future meeting.  

Staff development for researchers

Some topics to focus on include:

  • research methods (relevant to SoC research)
  • University processes for finance, personnel, ethics, etc.
  • seeking funding from varied sources
  • reviewing (papers and grant applications)
  • running summer schools
  • publishing project student work
  • trying to recruit PhD students through the ERASMUS scheme

Future meetings

It was agreed that future meetings should be scheduled on the SoC Calendar.


Any other business



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