School of Computing
Research and Innovation Committee

Terms of Reference

  1. To foster research & innovation in the School so that a stronger and wider-based research & innovation culture is developed and maintained.
  2. To manage the conference and small projects fund on behalf of the Head of School.
  3. To assist the research groups and individual researchers, where appropriate, in their R&I activities.
  4. To share best practice between researchers in support of joint R&I activities and planning.
  5. To encourage inter-departmental, and inter-faculty collaboration.
  6. To provide a forum for discussion of R&I strategy, including income, output and training.
  7. To monitor School R&I performance.
  8. To monitor and review research degree progress and training.
  9. To implement decisions of the University and Faculty research committees where appropriate.


  1. Ex officio members:
    1. School research co-ordinator (Chair)
    2. Head of School
    3. Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of Technology
    4. Dean, Faculty of Technology
  2. All full-time professors and readers in the School
  3. Recognised research group leaders (where they are not already members by the above)
  4. A co-opted member drawn from the "new" research-active academic staff ("new" means those who meet the REF definition of an Early Career Researcher at appointment)
  5. If the above membership does not include at least one male and at least one female member, then an additional member of the missing gender, elected by academic staff of the School
  6. A research student representative, elected by the full and part-time PhD students

Elected/co-opted members serve for a two-year period of office, and may stand for re-election if still eligible.

Current members


  1. The Committee shall hold meetings at least once per term.
  2. Between meetings, discussions and decision-making may be done online.
  3. In an emergency, the Chair is authorised to make a decision on behalf of the Committee.

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