Research in Computer Science and Informatics at the University of Portsmouth

"Research Active" Staff

Note of Guidance: Faculty of Technology

The Faculty would like to use "% Research Active staff" as a KPI in Departmental reviews. It is important to note that there is no formal University wide definition that can be used to classify staff as being "research active".

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance within the Technology Faculty, outlining the broad activities expected of someone who is research active. It is not intended to be used for resource allocation or inclusion in the REF.

A "Research Active" individual is a colleague who pursues research on an ongoing basis, as a significant part of their academic activity. To be regarded as "Research Active" an academic would normally need to meet criterion 1 below plus either criterion 2 or criterion 3 or both 2 & 3:

  1. Evidence of a minimum of one research driven peer reviewed publication per year averaged over the last three years. These could include:
    1. Peer reviewed journal articles
    2. Refereed Conference Papers
    3. Refereed Book Chapters
    4. Patents
  2. Current supervision of postgraduate research students either as the main supervisor or the 2nd supervisor. There is an expectation that students will complete their studies successfully and on time. For staff which have held an academic post within the University for five years, or more, there will be an expectation of supervision to successful completion of at least one postgraduate research degree student within that period.
  3. Evidence of applications to external agencies for funding (for research or KT) as a PI or co-applicant to support R&KT projects (not travel grants or monies redistributed by the University), normally with at least one application per year and at least one successful application in the past three years.