Webserver use, configuration and management

Unit WUCM1

WUCM1 unit schedule 2008-2009 semester 2

Revised 13/3/2009

The topics covered in the unit will include:

1. Indentifying Requirements and Planning -Investigation of website owners, audience and content. Information architecture and website structures. Server scalability and planning for growth.
2. Website Configuration and Setup - Initial Webserver configuration. CGI configuration. Server tuning. Site search facilities, search engines vs custom code. Domain name registration, ISPs and other options.
3. Security Policy and Legal Issues - Security policy as a management tool. Webserver security policy implementation. Access control and user management. Intrusion detection and recovery. Preservation of evidence for subsequent legal action. Copyright issues.
4. Evaluation and Testing - Automatic tools for website evaluation and testing. Tools for website and webserver management. Maintenance and sensible use of log files.
Session number
University week number Week beginning Monday Lecture topic
(Tuesday 1600, LG2.4b)

Practical topic
(Drop-in session: Friday 1300-1500, BK1.07 / LG0.14b)

29 9th February 2009

Unit admin topics (PPT)

Web servers and the Internet (PPT)

Management questions

Jim Briggs

Introductory exercise

30 16th February Initial web server configuration (PPT) Jim Briggs

Server configuration

CommsLab details

31 23rd February Identifying requirements (PPT) Jim Briggs

More server configuration

Note: Jim not available this Friday.


2nd March

Information architecture (PPT) Jim Briggs Further server configuration
33 9th March Domain names and registration (PPT) Jim Briggs Domain names and ISP services
34 16th March Dynamic content and CGI configuration (PPT) Jim Briggs Dynamic content and CGI
35 23rd March

Evaluation and testing (PPT)

Jim Briggs


8 36 30th March

Security policy and implementation issues (PPT)

Jim Briggs Security policy review
  37 6th April EASTER VACATION    
  38 13th April
9 39 20th April

Access control and user management (PPT)

Julio Hernandez-Castro

Access control

Jim will still be available on Friday

10 40 27th April Legal issues (PPT) Jim Briggs Log files
11 41 4th May Server scalability (PPT) Jim Briggs

Catch up

42 11th May Revision / spare ( PPT) Jim Briggs Catch up

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