Web programming

Units WEB1P and WEB2P

WEB1P unit schedule 2006-2007 semester 2

Subject to revision

The topics covered in the unit will include:

The architecture of web applications: clients and servers; the HTTP protocol. Static versus dynamic web content. How web servers generate dynamic content (CGI; built-in; bolt-on approaches). 
Developing dynamic web pages using the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Approaches using servlets and Java Server Pages (JSP). Accessing request and response attributes. Scriptlets. The request, session and servlet context scopes. Comparison of Java approaches with Perl and other languages. 
Structuring applications. The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. Implementing MVC using Java: beans, servlets and JSP pages. Linking servlets and JSPs to respond to a request. Application layering. 
Linking a web application to a database. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). Connections and pooling. SQL statements in the application. Transactions. 
Dynamic HTML: making a web page dynamic. JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets. Image processing. Verifying forms. Event handling. Implementation of complex user interface elements. Separation of form and content. 
The marketplace for website tools: servers, browsers, databases, etc. 
Session number
University week number Date (Fridays except where stated) Lecture topic Practical topic
29 16th February 2007

Introduction (unit admin topics)

Web architecture; HTTP and CGI; Alternatives to CGI

PPT slides

Web marketplace

Introduction to NetBeans

Java catch up

30 23rd February

Passing data from an HTML page to a program (PPT slides)

Using NetBeans to create servlets and JSPs
31 2nd March

Web programming in Java (servlets and JSPs)

Servlet and JSP PPT slides

MVC PPT slides

Servlet programming exercise

Servlet exercise 2

32 9th March
33 16th March

Client side programming with JavaScript and DHTML (PPT slides)

Exercises JS1

Exercises JS2

Exercises JS3

Exercises JS4

Exercises JS5

34 23rd March
7 35 30th March

Databases and JDBC ( PPT slides)

Database connectivity exercise
  36 6th April EASTER VACATION  
  37 13th April  
  38 20th April No session this week because of other SWSs  
8 39 27th April Hibernate Review of servlet exercises
9 40 4th May

Security (PPT slides)

  41 Wednesday 9th May Supervised Work Session  
10 42 18th May

Future trends

SWS review


No tutorial

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The web programming units include some material that was formerly part of the WPRMP, WECPP, WPSSM and WEMAM units.